Disposal Installation & Repair

A garbage disposal is probably one of the most used appliances in the home. It can make cleaning dishes a much easier and faster process. Having the option to wash excess food scraps down the drain as opposed to making sure dishes are scrapped free of any food saves time and a mess in the sink. A well functioning garbage disposal in the kitchen will help keep your kitchen clean and make dishwashing an easier chore.

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The Value of a Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Garbage Disposal problems can present themselves as a clogged drain, leak under the sink, or simply a jam. Disposals consist of many parts, so if your disposal is malfunctioning it is a good idea to have a professional perform an inspection to determine whether the equipment can be repaired, or will need to be replaced. Our plumbers are available  whenever you need us to provide repairs or replacement service.

New Disposal Installation

If you do not currently have a garbage disposal system we can provide you with all the information and options you need to have a new state of the art garbage disposal unit installed. Our equipment is both reliable and built to last.

Tips for Taking Care of Garbage Disposal

You can prolong the life of your home’s garbage disposal and avoid repairs by taking a few precautionary measures. Garbage disposals are designed for getting rid of food scraps, however certain foods should not be placed into these devices. For example, some tough vegetable skins, pasta and bones can get stuck in your equipment and cause it to break. Also avoid putting large pieces of food or too much food down the unit at one time. In the event that you do experience problems with your garbage disposal give us a call, we have available plumbers ready to help with whatever you need.

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